Warsaw University of Humanities

o Uczelni - Warszawska Wyższa Szkoła Humanistyczna im. Bolesława Prusa

The Warsaw University of Humanities is a non-public university that has been active in the educational market for a number of years.

Warsaw University of Humanitieswas founded in 2002 and since then has enjoyed unwavering interest of students, offering candidates a rich and thoughtful course of study in the fields of: Radio and Television Journalism, Photography in New Media. The offer of the university was extended to include the magister (Master’s) degree in Pedagogy (Specialization in Personnel and Business Management in the education sector and related companies).

Warsaw University of Humanities attaches great importance to the best quality of education, so all classes are prepared at the highest level, with a focus on practical, interesting and active learning so that they give them the opportunity to gain an attractive occupation that guarantees a place in the labor market.


Today, versatility and flexibility in the approach to work is important – therefore, Warsaw University of Humanities is still adapting the educational offer, and the teaching methods to the needs of the market, while also ensuring the comfort of work and learning. With such an attitude, Warsaw University of Humanities graduates are thoroughly prepared to work in the media and for the media, as well as in advertising, photographic studios; perform professional photo shoots or own artistic projects at various cultural institutions, editorial offices, public opinion centers, as well as businesses, and social and administrative institutions.

o Uczelni - Warszawska Wyższa Szkoła Humanistyczna im. Bolesława Prusa