Journalism studies

Journalism and Social Communication is a field of study where we teach press, radio, television and internet journalism in a practical way.

Journalism studies prepare the students for work in television and radio. Particular emphasis is placed on competencies related to performance in front of a camera, microphone, and working with self-presentation, as well as skills in the use of modern equipment in the TV and radio studio (camera operator skills, radio and television montage, radio and television production, animation, etc.).


Within the scope of Journalism and Social Communication studies, we realize the following specialty:

  • Radio and Television Journalism

Most of the specializations will take place in the radio studios of Polish Radio S.A. and the ATM Studio Film and Television Production Center, where students will have the opportunity to learn about modern production techniques and technology of radio and television programs.


Studies: Bachelor’s degree

– full-time studies (classes are held from Monday to Thursday),
– part-time studies (classes take place twice a month in three-day sessions, Fridays – from 5:30 PM, Saturdays and Sundays).
Duration of studies: 3 years, 6 semesters
Language of lecture: English
Acquired degree: Bachelor’s degree and may be followed by second cycle studies or postgraduate studies.

Fees for studies 2018/2019

Entry fee € 100
Full time and extramural studies
One-time yearly payment
€ 3,800


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