Practical classes on the specialty of Radio and Television Journalism are held at the ATM Studio Film and Television Production Center. It is the newest and one of the most modern facilities in Poland, located at Wał Miedzyszyński 384. It is home to many major film, theater and advertising companies. There are seven photography halls along with fully equipped dressing and make up rooms. At the ATM Studio, it is possible to broadcast TV signals to any TV station in Poland, or to quickly transfer the captured images to any partner in the world. This is where the photography to the new Ranczo TV series, the Ojciec Mateusz TV series, and also recorded programs such as Bitwa na Głosy, The Voice of Poland and many commercials, took place. By participating in practical workshops, students will learn modern technologies, gain practical experience, and observe the best in the business. The education programme also includes the sphere of management of film and television production. 

It is at ATM Studio, where our students, who specialize in Radio and Television Journalism, conduct student internships under the supervision of the CEO of ATM Studio Sp. z o.o., Robert Mościcki, MA, who conducts academic studies in the WUH in the field of: television and multimedia technology; industrial law, copyright law, and media law; production management and organization. The greatest adventure for us, WUH students, is the internship at the ATM Studio – the largest TV and film studio in Poland! Here, we have the chance to become a part of the big and mysterious world of television. We are participating in the creation of one of the most popular Polish television stations. During the internship, we meet with the stars, and we get acquainted with all the stages of television production. We make our own TV show, Czas na kulturę, which is broadcast on the terrestrial TV station – ATM Rozrywka! The topics that we discuss in the program are the everyday life, the culture that surrounds us, the interviews with famous stars in Poland. It’s an amazing feeling – standing with the microphone in front of the camera, and then seeing yourself on TV! I’m glad I have the opportunity to study at such a university! After the first year of my studies here, I found an interesting job that I can combine with my education. “- Olena Sagura, student of Journalism and Social Communication.

We devote particular attention in the process of education to gaining experience through the practical training of the profession and the possibility of co-creating a professional television program. Czas na kulturę, a project of the Bolesław Prus Warsaw University of Humanities, is made entirely by the students. Czas na kulturę is a series about broadly-defined culture. 

WUH students have a chance to create their own productions in a modern program broadcasted on the ATM Rozrywka TV channel, available on terrestrial digital television, satellite television, and the Internet. The audience is rapidly growing, as we talk about interesting and inspirational things.