Bachelor’s degree

Information about the specialty

Three-year undergraduate degree in the Photography in Media specialty is aimed at people interested in photography, who want to gain practical skills in this field under the guidance of professionals and photographers-practitioners. This is a field of study crafted for those, who are at the beginning of their photography journey, but also for those, who already have experience in photography, and who consider it their future career.

In WUH, students gain theoretical and practical knowledge, as learning takes place in modern studios, mostly in the form of workshops conducted by the best professionals.

The graduate acquires extensive knowledge in many areas, essential in the work of a journalist – a photographer – a media personality.

After graduation on the Photography in New Media specialty, the graduate will find a job in the following:

  • In the traditional media
  • In new electronic media
  • In advertising agencies and PR
  • In photo studios
  • In institutions such as galleries.


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