Studio Mąka

Studio MĄKA is a photography and film studio, located at Postępu 3a.200 bright meters. Big, corner cyclorama. Nice ground floor, parking. Teaching photography on Profoto hardware. Younger sister of Cukry and Sól studios.

Studio Cukry

Studio CUKRY is a professional photographic studios, which allows for any arrangement of photo shoots, illuminated by daylight or artificial lighting. CUKRY has a total area of 350 meters in the center of Warsaw, 4 meters high. This is a studio equipped with modern and professional equipment, dressing rooms and make up rooms, as well as a seating area, providing a comprehensive education in scope of photographic techniques.

Studio Sól

Studio SÓL This is a photography and film studio located in Warsaw Mokotow, providing excellent conditions for practical photography education.
This is a bright, loft space, with the area of 300 m2, and an original and modern interior.