Financial aid for the student

How to finance studies at the Warsaw University of Business?

There are several ways. Choose the form of financial help that is the best for you.

Our propositions:

  • Scholarship for academic performance

It is worth to be a top student … The scholarship for academic performance, available to the best students, will be received by a student who earns a high average grade for the academic year or will have academic or artistic achievements, or will achieve high athletic results in international or national competition. Moreover, he should also take active part in conferences organized by the university and actively participate in cultural projects organized by WUB or partners of the university, and care and support for foreign students starting their education at the University in the first year of studies.

  • Social scholarship

The social scholarship is awarded to a student in a difficult financial situation. Social scholarships may be awarded to students of all years of full-time and part-time first-cycle and second cycle studies, whose monthly income per member does not exceed a certain amount. The amount is determined on the basis of the provisions of the Act of 28 November 2003 on family benefits. A full-time student who is in a difficult financial situation will be able to receive an extended social scholarship for living in a student residence or premises other than student residence, if daily commuting from his place of residence to the University would make it impossible or significantly difficult to study.

  • Scholarship for people with disabilities

Special scholarship for people with disabilities can be received by any student who submits the application together with a certificate of disability confirmed by the competent authority. Many WUH students are provided with a few hundred zlotys a month, which ensures that WUB students have additional financial resources that can be spent for any purpose.

  • Grant

The grant can be awarded to a student twice in a academic year, and will be provided to people who, for ill-fated reasons, temporarily fall into a difficult financial situation.

In the academic year 2016/2017 the monthly amount paid for social scholarships amounted to approximately PLN 1,500, Rector scholarships – PLN 400, and scholarships for the disabled – up to PLN 600.

Below you can download application forms for the appropriate scholarship.

pdf wniosek o przyznanie stypendium rektora

wniosek o przyznanie stypendium socjalnego

wniosek o przyznanie stypendium specjalnego dla osób niepełnosprawnych

wniosek o przyznanie zapomogi

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